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Wishes 4 Kids was launched in September 2002 with the object of granting a ‘wish’ for Leicestershire children of eighteen years and below who are life-limited, terminally ill, have suffered life changing – mental/physical/emotional traumas, those who have been abused and children diagnosed as HIV positive.

Kong Events helped raised thousands of pounds to help Wishes 4 Kids grant their wishes and spread the awareness of the charity and every Christmas we provide the charity with selection boxes, fizzy drinks and sweets for their annual theatre show.

In 2014 we arranged for ten children to arrive in style with the help of Sturgess Leicester to Leicester Music Festival in Range Rover Sports. On arrival they had a red carpet treatment with a press photo shoot and through the day they were treated to VIP treatment in the corporate boxes. They were also able to meet and greet and have their photo’s taken with DiversityThe Saturdays, Sam Bailey and Union J, as well as being shown around the backstage area and how everything works. It was pleasing to see the terminally ill children having fun and forgetting about the pain and difficulties in their lives, this was summed up by a little boy who was attached to an oxygen tank saying that LMF was the happiest day of his life!

This year Kong Events and Bodie Hodges foundation have put together a small documentary to try and get ten thousand people to sign up to a donor card, at the bottom of this page is the link to see for yourself.

Kong supports Wishes 4 Kids!